maandag 29 maart 2010


the yolk folk
These little chaps are a cheerful reminder that spring is just round the corner.
These chicks and our new bunnies (the Carrot Crew) would make an excellent Easter craft project.
click here to download the-yolk-folk

the carrot crew

Nothing heralds the arrival of spring more than a posse of rabbits skipping about.
This unruly set of bunnies will make a great craft project for the half term and Easter holidays.

vrijdag 12 maart 2010

woensdag 10 maart 2010

zaterdag 6 maart 2010

simply beautiful gift ribbon

Today I noticed an enormous greed. When I saw hema one, for me, new gift ribbon. Diamond ribbon in various colors, small dots and neon colors. Wild or directly to an overdose gift ribbons. Do you? I immediately made (excuse) a list of the expected birthdays ... Really not enough for all those parties ribbon meters to beat MUST!? Uhm, to me that I made the appointment following hema-visits a different motif may still shopping ... (Unfortunately, the rolls are packaged in a set of 2 or 3 rolls). After considerable reflection ribbon today to choose what I went for the basic red diamond. Beautiful, is not it?